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Volunteer Stewards

The Elgiva has an ever growing band of volunteers who support in a variety of ways - reception,theatre ushers and ice cream sales.

If you like the idea of spending a few hours helping us - and having fun at the same time - then please ring Moira Little on 01494 582902 or come in for a chat.



Stewards will be required to undertake a variety of tasks during a duty period and you have been accepted as a member of the theatres Steward team because you have indicated your willingness and flexibility to do so. All the tasks required of stewards must be undertaken at specific times and must be done as directed by the Duty Manager, before the steward returns to their seats in the auditorium.

Upon arrival, report to the Duty Manager to collect the Cloakroom keys, Ice-Cream and Cloakroom floats, along with a torch!



Stewards, if requested to do so will need to sell ice creams before all films and before live events and also in the interval for live events. Please follow the stock control system already in place and report any discrepancies to the Duty Manager. All ice cream monies and stock control forms must be completed at these designated times…for cinema screenings, they are to be completed once the main film has started and the auditorium doors have been closed…for live events, they are to be completed as soon as the final act (normally the second act, after one interval), has commenced. Therefore as you will see to assist the Duty Manager with the daily banking the ice creams have to be reconciled at these times, which means that you may miss part or parts of the show.



If you are required to sell programmes/merchandise, collect an agreed amount of stock and a separate float from the Duty Manager. Always count and check both the float and stock and report any discrepancies to the Duty Manager. Always check the correct sales prices!! Programmes/merchandise may need to be sold before a show, during the interval and at the end of the show, from an area designated by the Duty Manager. At the end of the selling period, please return all stock and floats to the Duty Manager and assist in reconciling the monies.


At the end of every show/film, once you have hooked back the auditorium doors, you will be required to ‘hand’ out leaflets or flyers for forthcoming events/films to each member of the audience. The particular leaflets or flyers will be given to you by the Duty Manager.


Once you have been informed by the Duty Manager that the ‘house’ is ready to open, you will go to your allocated doors into the auditorium and prepare yourself to direct patrons to their seats. Please familiarise yourself with the theatres seating plan, so you can then check the ticket details, ie: correct performance, correct date, correct time. Tear off and retain the ticket stubs and explain/direct patrons to where their seats are located, for example, G7-8 are two rows up on the tiered section and in the centre block on an aisle. When the Duty Manager tells you to close the auditorium doors as the performance is about to start, hand all your ticket stubs to the Duty Manager and take your seat in the auditorium (remember to have a torch with you). Latecomers will only be admitted to their seats at a suitable break in the performance.



At the end of the performance/film, please open the auditorium doors so the public can leave the theatre. Once the auditorium is clear of members of the public, please collect a refuse bag and clear the auditorium of litter, plastic glasses etc. If you find any lost property, please hand it in to the Duty Manager. Inform the Duty Manager once you have cleared the auditorium and closed the doors back up and let them know you are leaving. DISABLED PATRONS: Wheelchair patrons will always occupy specific seats in either Row E or D, these seats will be allocated by the Duty Manager. Please assist wherever possible with wheelchair users and their helpers. 



Assess the situation and inform the Duty Manager immediately of any concerns you may have. From this point onwards, all staff will be directed as to the course of action necessary by the Duty Manager, please do as instructed, at all times taking all possible safety precautions to protect both yourself and patrons.


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